Opening with an infectious riff and colossal drum fill, 'Woodcutter’s Lies' is loosely autobiographical of vocalist Thé’s experience of sexual assault, cutting you open with its unflinching honesty and muscular musicality.


Like that one toxic friend you've had that keeps trying to worm their way back into your life, DIG IN is based on the idea of drug addiction narrated by the drug itself. The song personifies drugs and it's direct effects on a person. When you let drugs into your life they can take on a whole persona unto themselves, and we wanted to shine a light on that, showing how destructive drugs can be.


Crushingly heavy yet hauntingly beautiful, “SHUGGIE” takes a look at the objectification of women in society and more specifically, male attitudes towards this behaviour. It deals with the profound impact this has on the mental health of women and how the trivialisation of such beliefs held by men serves to only heighten the issue. In a world where the gender power balance is shifting profoundly, it’s important that men look inwards at themselves and understand how they are communally conditioned by their peers to maintain this outdated mindset.